No, not all vegetarians are healthy, just like not all meat-lovers are a steak knife away from a heart attack. However, according to the Academy…

“I’ve been drinkin’ watermelon…”  One hundred percent real watermelon juice.  Refereshing!   Avacado roles (the shell is coconut), vegan tuna salad, collard greens and spicy cauliflower.  Everything is raw except the vegan tuna salad.

  Eighteen days into my 30 Day Vegan Challenge and life is still good.  Kale and Brussels Sprouts are my favorite and curry and garlic are my new best friends.  Caveat: curry and garlic both come out of your pores.  The meal below was delicious.  Curry Raw Veggies, Garlic Kale, and Couscous Salad.  The Green […]

Yesterday, I met a friend for dinner.  We ate at a tapas restaurant called CAVA in Capitol Hill, DC. Surprisingly, I had no problem with vegan options and the waiter was super helpful.  The biggest challenge was resisting the urge to order a glass of vino.  It’s only the first week but this vegan thing […]

Three days into my vegan challenge and life is good!  I’m not hungry and tasted only one dish that wasn’t pleasing to my palate.  Forcing myself to drink water has been more difficult than sticking to the dietary restrictions.  As a sushi-lover, I was happy to find the vegan “remix” to one of my favorite […]

  Day 2: Mega Milk This was breakfast.  I’m embarrassed to say I can’t tell you all that’s in this.  But it tastes similar to a protein shake.  It has almond milk and coconut for sure.  The rest?  Go figure. *hangs head*  I began drinking it at 8 am.  It’s now 1:30 pm and I’m […]

This used to be my body.  It isn’t anymore.  Just 5 years ago I was 125 lbs.  Now I’m “hittin’ and holdin,” as they say, at a solid 150.  Did I mention, I’m only 5’4″?  People say, “girl you look good,” and “you’re just not 20-something anymore.”  Growing older is no excuse to let yourself […]

The temperature is starting to dip and rainy days are ahead which means it’s time for comfort foods to keep a belly warm. I’m not a big fan of pasta but I like the versatility that it brings to my meals. I’ve been looking for a pasta alternative and I think I’ve found the next best thing […]

I’ve been told, straight-faced, that ‘black vegans’ are nonexistent, since the ‘veggie’ thing is just spoiled white college kids acting out.” Media over-exposure of the movement’s key white figures has further perpetuated this illusion, rendering vegans of color virtually invisible in our cultural landscape. However, mainstream media outlets are slowly starting to take note of […]