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This used to be my body.  It isn’t anymore.  Just 5 years ago I was 125 lbs.  Now I’m “hittin’ and holdin,” as they say, at a solid 150.  Did I mention, I’m only 5’4″?  People say, “girl you look good,” and “you’re just not 20-something anymore.”  Growing older is no excuse to let yourself go.  With that, I’ve decided to stop talking about my weight and challenge myself to do something about it.  Kimatni Rawlins of Fit Fathers and Automotive Rhythms posted a 30-Day vegan challenge on Facebook and I have stepped up to the plate.  On June 1 I embarked on this journey to cleanse my system, drop some pounds, and test my will power.

You have seen my food posts.  You know this won’t be easy for me.  But here goes… You can also follow my posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @aprilwattslive.  I’ll be using the hashtag #30DaysVegan.  Of course, if you feel so inclined, JOIN ME in this journey.

Day 1  Mushroom Pizza, Creamy Kale, and Curry Wild Rice

Vegan day 1