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Follow Majic 102.3 On Twitter: Married But Single Too hits the DMV March 16th through the 19th and we had two of the original stars of the hit stage play in the building. Lisa Ray McCoy and Carl Anthony Payne talk about the origins of the sequel and what to expect when you hit the […]

Are you comfortable in the skin you’re in? What if you’re Gabourey Sidibe, could you audition for a movie and flaunt your moves around Hollywood? It takes a lot of courage and self esteem to rise above the ridicule and allow your inner beauty to shine through for all the world to see. Take little Khoudia Diop, she says […]

Getting your business, public service or church announcement or  your own 15 minutes of fame on air, print or new media takes a lot of work but not necessarily a lot of money. So if your funds are low and you’re looking for publicity, here are a few options to get your organization’s or your own […]

A nonbinding study by the United Nations is recommending that the United States give reparations to African Americans not only for past transgressions from slavery but the current state of violence which has created “a human rights crisis” that “must be addressed as a matter of urgency.” The group said the reparations could come in […]

Black athletes are winning, literally, at the Rio Olympics! From gymnasts to shot put to fencing to swimming to… it’s gold domination but nobody does it quite like Usain which is why his memes are so hilarious. Check twitter for the latest and greatest memes here      


Marion Christopher Barry the son of the late DC Mayor, Marion Barry, is dead. Sources say that he appeared to be under the influence of an unknown intoxicant.  Marion Christopher Barry is his father’s only son, born to his third wife, Effi Slaughter Barry. His father had wanted to name him Marion Barry III, but Effi was […]

There’s a new app that will connect you with people who are willing to pay for space in your luggage. Would you consider shipping for hire? Airmule

She dated a Black guy in college yet doesn’t want to sit next to a Black guy, even when it’s former Washington Wizard Etan Thomas. Get the story here   


I’ve been hearing about the new Underground series on WGN and how good it is. If you’ve missed it you can catch up online through this link. Don’t wait too late to watch, who knows how long the episodes will be available. Follow this link to watch the series    

I had a class where a white professor actually had the audacity to say that Black people made no contribution to the history of America. This was followed by a lively discussion and an impromptu visit to the Dean’s office. The point of Black History Month was to recognize the contributions of Black Americans that history […]

Source: Nathaniel S. Butler / Getty NBA Hall of FamerMoses Malone passed away in his sleep at the age of 60. He was in Norfolk, Va. where he was set to play in a golf tournament. More here