Beyonce sitting on top of nine nominations for tonight’s Grammy’s.  She is still slated to perform on tonight’s show. If you’re wondering if she can or if it’s safe?  The answer is yes, according to Dr. Moritz an OBGYN specialist from Weil Cornell Medicine out of New York.   “She’s lucky because up until this point, […]

Who doesn’t want a smaller waist? Or to control some of that extra loose fat under their favorite clingy dress?  We may have relied on shapewear as a quick fix to some of these problems in the past , but new health studies may make you change your tune. A lot of women wear these […]

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month but there are other women’s cancers that deserve equal attention. The National Race to End Women’s Cancer will be held at Freedom Plaza on Sunday, November 3, 2013. Race survivor chair and national co-chair Pamela Mielinik and Jenny McGihan stopped by the studio to promote awareness for women and the […]

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Early detection can make all the difference. By making sure ourselves and loved ones are scheduling routine check ups with doctors, we can more likely ensure early detection, and take the appropriate measures. It is recommended that women 45 and over maintain regular mammograms, but all […]

This year, I committed to pampering myself in some small way everyday.  Whether it’s propping my feet and reading a poem, treating myself to a facial, or taking a leisurely bubble bath, I thoroughly enjoy keeping this commitment.  One of my favorite “pamper posts” is Lush—a natural cosmetics chain that is stocked full of fresh, […]

“The ultimate reason to support a charity is its results,” says Sandra Miniutti, vice president of marketing and CFO of Charity Navigator . “Review their website to assess recent accomplishments and goals; this is an area where many donors run into trouble with breast cancer. They think they are supporting research, but it’s really advocacy […]

A few days ago, a newlywed woman wrote an article on The Huffington Post about her husband telling her that he would divorce her if her weight got to what she calls a PBN—pretty big number. Despite only weighing 110 pounds, he decided to give her a warning, although he let her know he would get her […]

CNN looks at the owner of body shaping line SPANX Sara Blakely who thanks to you ladies has become the youngest self-made woman Forbes’ list of billionaires.  The 41-year old started her company with only $5,000 in savings 12 years ago!!! READ MORE: TLF

The Washington Post conducted an interesting report on black and white women who have heavier bodies and how they felt about the weight with respect to race.  The poll showed that: Although black women are heavier than their white counterparts, they report having appreciably higher levels of self-esteem. Although 41 percent of average-sized or thin white […]

Pfizer says packets may not contain enough contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Read More:

Via TLF This is Jennifer Hudson’s “I Believe In You An Me” commercial she shows how much shes changed over the years thanks to the program. Looks like two different people!

Good news today courtesy of a new report from the United Nations, there has been no significant increase in the amount of people who contract HIV since 2007. From the AP: