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Who doesn’t want a smaller waist? Or to control some of that extra loose fat under their favorite clingy dress?  We may have relied on shapewear as a quick fix to some of these problems in the past , but new health studies may make you change your tune.

A lot of women wear these figure-altering undergarments.  Some even wonder what they ever did without them. Women especially rushed out to buy them when Hollywood stars of all shapes and sizes started admitting to wearing them on the red carpet for that extra lift, tightening or support.

Wearing the garments too tight, or excessive use of your favorite shapewear, wearing too long, or wearing too often, can cause dangerous and even permanent health problems.  An especially dangerous trend among most younger people is wearing shapewear during workouts.  Doctors warn that this is a total no-no!

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Among the list of dangers for different health concerns for various different shapewear are:

-urinary tract infections

-numbness, burning, tingling

-enlarged bladder

-compression of tissues and organs

-skin rashes/infections

One of our favorites Dr. Oz recommends if you’re going to wear shapewear, don’t wear it any longer than three hours at a time.

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