As loved ones and fans of Muhammad Ali gather to say their final goodbyes during a memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, several television networks will deliver live coverage of the ceremony. TV One, BET, and Bounce TV have announced they all will air Ali’s memorial.

Tracy Morgan is giving back in a big way— proving that what goes around sure does come back around.

Dr. Todd Sinett, a NYC-based chiropractor with his own practice, is the author of 3 Weeks to a Better Back: Solutions for Healing the Structural,…

Black patients believe that white doctors don’t care about their personal lives.

All this month on the GetWright feature on my show I’ve been sharing facts and information in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I believe that when we share our own personal story it helps someone else. Take a look at Bonnie’s story and share with someone who you feel could also benefit from it. […]

A new study reveals Black children are getting far less medication than White children upon admission into hospitals.

Georgia pediatrician Dr. Stephanie Kong and her practice Zoe Pediatric believe the battle against childhood obesity can be fought…and won. They believe in awareness and…


Dr. Kara Young says that your mind can impact your heart. African-Americans suffering from depression are at increased risk of heart problems. Unfortunately, African-Americans often…

Women's Health

Who doesn’t want a smaller waist? Or to control some of that extra loose fat under their favorite clingy dress?  We may have relied on shapewear as a quick fix to some of these problems in the past , but new health studies may make you change your tune. A lot of women wear these […]

Bravo is on fire with its string of reality shows, including the hit series, “Married to Medicine,” whose first season is in the books.   Although it’s been a popular one, a group of Howard University medical students don’t want a season 2; they want it to stay off the air and even started a petition. […]

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has figured out what a lot of people know already – smoking weed can be a good thing. Yes, Dr. Gupta says…

Doc McStuffins, the African-American title character of an animated TV series for children, dreams of becoming an M.D. and, for now, runs a cheerful home clinic for stuffed animals and dolls. “I haven’t lost a toy yet!” Doc exclaims as she hugs a blue dinosaur in need of attention. For Dr. Myiesha Taylor, who watches […]