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Dr. Todd Sinett, a NYC-based chiropractor with his own practice, is the author of 3 Weeks to a Better Back: Solutions for Healing the Structural, Nutritional and Emotional Causes of Back Pain (October 2015), as well as The Truth About Back Pain, his first title. He is also the founder and creator of The BackBridge™ System, a complementary device that helps users maintain their overall health.

Inspired to develop a new core philosophy to dealing with back pain, Dr. Sinett discovered that the root cause of back pain is not limited to structural issues, nor can it be simply resolved through treatment. He also found that a person’s emotional health and nutrition are equally important to uncover and address the root causes of back pain.

Using his three-pronged approach to evaluating and treating back pain, known as “The Sinett Solution,” Dr. Sinett assesses clients’ pain points, range of movement, and body alignment before providing a treatment program based on three categories: structural (muscles and bones); nutritional (diet); and emotional (daily stress). If one of these elements is distressed, one’s overall health suffers – often manifesting as pain in the back.

With his recommended simple lifestyle adjustments that include exercise routines, diet plans, and meditative practices, his patients are able to stop back pain from limiting their ability to actually live life.

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