Ingredients ⅓ cup dry uncooked short grain brown rice ¾ cup water 1 cup carrots sliced very thin 1 cup snow peas 4 tablespoons teriyaki sauce (see recipe here) or your favorite bottled teriyaki sauce 1 teaspoon corn starch 3 teaspoons vegetable oil divided 6 ounces sirloin tip steak sliced thinly against the grain into […]

  You’ve probably already heard that a healthy diet can help reduce a host of diseases and conditions, as well as help improve how your…

  Eighteen days into my 30 Day Vegan Challenge and life is still good.  Kale and Brussels Sprouts are my favorite and curry and garlic are my new best friends.  Caveat: curry and garlic both come out of your pores.  The meal below was delicious.  Curry Raw Veggies, Garlic Kale, and Couscous Salad.  The Green […]

Can Chef James Robinson of Kitchen Cray teach “The Black Carrie Bradshaw” how to cook?  Watch and find out! To create this recipe, you will need the following ingredients: 7 oz. Salmon 3 Jumbo Shrimp 3 oz. Heavy Cream 1 Lemon 1/2 Cup Potatoes 1t Salt 1t Pepper 1 Thyme stem 1 Rosemary stem 8 […]

Got juice?  Calm down Bishop!  I’m not referring to street cred.  I’m talking about real fruit and vegetable juice.  Juicing has been around for decades but has become more popular in recent years as the health and wellness industry continues to boom and celebrities endorse the practice.  There is still much speculation around the true […]

The temperature is starting to dip and rainy days are ahead which means it’s time for comfort foods to keep a belly warm. I’m not a big fan of pasta but I like the versatility that it brings to my meals. I’ve been looking for a pasta alternative and I think I’ve found the next best thing […]

If you’ve thought about eating more vegetarian or vegan foods but aren’t sure where to start, then mark your calendar for Monday, April 23 — that’s when the fourth annual VegWeek celebration kicks off! VegWeek 2012 falls right after Earth Day from April 23-29 and is a fun way to highlight the many benefits of vegetarian eating as well […]

(Raeford, NC)  —  A preschool in North Carolina is accused of telling a four-year-old student her homemade lunch is not healthy enough.  The “Carolina Journal” is reporting it happened at West Hoke Elementary School in Raeford.  The homemade lunch included a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice.  However, the little girl ended up eating […]

Kids should love this! The final version of the House and Senate’s agriculture spending bill still lists tomato sauce as vegetable, despite the USDA trying to change rules back in January to make school lunches healthier.

Everyone has their theory on how to lose weight and be healthy.  We all have tried some sort of diet or made an attempt to test out a new way to living… right?  The debate of meat vs no meat will continue to grace the eyes and ears of many who are interested on what’s […]

VIA: REUTERS.COM (Reuters Health) – People who get plenty of vitamin K from food may have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who get less of the vitamin, a new study suggests.   Researchers found that among more than 38,000 Dutch adults they followed for a decade, those who got the […]