Getting your business, public service or church announcement or  your own 15 minutes of fame on air, print or new media takes a lot of work but not necessarily a lot of money. So if your funds are low and you’re looking for publicity, here are a few options to get your organization’s or your own […]

Thought I’d leave you with a few shots of Jack for the weekend. Check out these clips of encouragement from Jack A. Daniels who was on my show recently. They may help when you’re feeling stuck. #GetWright @MsMichelWright

Ladies, as week 8 of the  NFL season gets underway,  I’ve devised four rules to prevent you from being put on the back burner for football. RULE #1   DO NOT COMPETE WITH THE PIG SKIN–Whether you like it or not, your man is going to watch football.  If you give him grief about it you’ll automatically lose. RULE #2  […]


Never lend more than you can afford to give is good advice. The idea is that sometimes well-meaning people borrow money or items and when…


As my heart skips a beat about all the drama coming my way now that Scandal is back and my girlfriend (in my head) Olivia…

While Jackson has been an ardent supporter of President Obama, he offers some rather simple advice for the President.  Huffington Post is reporting that Samuel L. Jackson tells Playboy magazine that President Obama needs to “stop trying to ‘relate'” and “be f–king presidential.”  It’s amazing how some take this advice as Jackson admitting that he made […]

“Rap mogul Jay Z recently fell under criticism for song lyrics that stated, “Just for clarity my presence is charity.” While the bravado of that statement may leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, we all could benefit from adopting a smidgen of Hova’s mentality. So often we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with people that […]

Just because someone knows how to put themselves together, doesn’t mean they will give you fashion advice that will work for you.  You wouldn’t let your friend cut your hair because he/she has a nice hairstyle.  You wouldn’t take medical advice from a seemingly healthy friend.  Why would you take style advice from an amatuer?  […]


  McNabb who tried to reach out to RGIII last season states that he would like to have a sit down with Robert Griffin III as well as his father. The talk would just be some things that McNabb feels that Griffin needs to know about an experience that he’s already had. Read The Post’s […]

The concept of “natural fakeness” is oxymorinic but life is full of contradictions.  Drama is good when wearing false lashes for a special event, a fashion runway or a performance.  But for everyday use, false lashes should look more natural.  Opt for individual lashes and have them installed by a certified lash specialist.  Thin, natural […]

When getting professional head shots, the general rule is, less is more.  The purpose of a headshot is to highlight YOU, so keep your look clean and simple.  Avoid busy patterns, statement jewelry, unnatural make up looks.  All of these things will detract from the central focus…YOU.  Avoid fashion choices that are too trendy to […]