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Ladies, as week 8 of the  NFL season gets underway,  I’ve devised four rules to prevent you from being put on the back burner for football.

RULE #1   DO NOT COMPETE WITH THE PIG SKIN–Whether you like it or not, your man is going to watch football.  If you give him grief about it you’ll automatically lose.

RULE #2  LEARN THE GAME–Learn the game so you can have conversation with your man about it.  Nothing is sexier than a woman that knows sports.  If you really want to spice things up, pick an opposing team and place romantic bets.  If he loses, he’s got to do that thing you like and if you lose…well you already know. :)

RULE #3  SINCE YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM…’JOIN EM–Make some snacks, wear something sexy/sporty and enjoy the game.  CAUTION:  Do not ask your man questions during the game.  If you must ask a question, wait until commercial break and time outs.

RULE #4  WORK AROUND HIS SCHEDULE–All your man really cares about is the game.  So it’s up to you to be the PRE-GAME, HALF-TIME AND POST GAME ENTERTAINMENTCAVEAT:  Half-time can be kind of tricky.  If your man is a true football fanatic this is when he gets to watch highlights from all the other games.

Follow these rules and you’ll never feel like your man’s mistress during football season again.  Embrace the gridiron Girlies!  Good luck…

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