Ladies, as week 8 of the  NFL season gets underway,  I’ve devised four rules to prevent you from being put on the back burner for football. RULE #1   DO NOT COMPETE WITH THE PIG SKIN–Whether you like it or not, your man is going to watch football.  If you give him grief about it you’ll automatically lose. RULE #2  […]

I like all of you know how important sports are to so many people around the world. That is why the moves of our favorite…

Somewhere God and Mother Nature are cracking up.  I mean, a day doesn’t go by without us getting another piece of evidence that proves just…

We all know that being liked by your boyfriend’s friends is a plus. What better security is there than knowing that his friends aren’t actively trying to change his mind about you? One of my friends is so used to being invited to her boyfriend’s “guys’ nights”. Whether it’s getting wings at the local dive […]

Admit it: you still have some of your ex’s things lying around your room. Every major spring cleaning uncovers a letter, a baseball hat, a picture, or a sock (yuck) that he left behind. So what do you do? Toss it in the trash with the clothes that no longer fit? Or keep it in […]

Everywhere I look today, it seems like the message is clear: it’s time to drop your bad habits! Obama has quit smoking (yay!), my housemate has given up buffalo wings (I’m giving her a week), everyone on the subway has given up smiling, and apparently, The Frisky – a relationship website – has given up […]

Hands up if you have sat, sympathetic look on your face, trying really hard to say something comforting to a friend who is dealing with what, the way she describes it, is a relationship problem as catastrophic as the sinking of the Titanic and as historically important as September 11?. The first couple of times […]