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Join me tonight at 8 for the music of Anthony Hamilton.  Here’s a little something to hold you until then.

I have been a big fan of Gil Scott Heron for a very long time.  I have to give credit to my oldest sister Barbara for that.  If you go back and check many of his works, you will notice that in many cases, only the names have changed.  I was reading Harrison Ford’s reaction […]

As soon as I heard that the Kardashian clan was running to the hospital to check on Odom, I had to wonder if they brought the cameras along.  They always seem to think that way.  Scott Van Pelt let everyone know that Lamar Odom was a star in the NBA long before marrying into the […]

A bad cop is a bad cop.  They make bad decisions and should not be wearing a badge.  Their bad decisions are generally not punished and it’s even worse when the department heads simply turn their heads or justify this bad decision making.  I understand they are in harms way while doing their job, but […]

It’s not a fluke as some might be thinking.   They have won other debates as well.  The Daily KOS has the story.  

TMZ.com is reporting that Kelly Price is divorcing her husband of 20 years. She is also splitting from him as her manager.

The NBA 2K court that is.  Bleacher Report has the game replay.

Check out the remaining events at March on Washington Film Festival website.

Alexander O’Neal talks about drugs and how the music industry has a double standard when it comes to drug abusers.  The Daily Mail has the story.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby mentioned that she had family members in law enforcement when she announced her decision to charge 6 Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray.  She did not say anything about them being decorated or that they were heroes,  just a simple “I have family members in law […]