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Leonard Ellerbe is a DC native known globally as the monetary supervisor of the renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather. During his Run That Back interview with Aladdin and Deja he gives an inside look of the business in putting these legendary matches together...

Aladdin and Deja Perez keep you up to date with everything in sports and entertainment! RUN IT!

After a crazy week in the District, Aladdin and Deja Perez are here to get you caught up on everything in sports and entertainment that you may have missed including Snoop flying high but not as you may think.

Aladdin and Deja Perez take us through the new moves, new relationships, new side hustles athletes are showing off, and more as we close our 2020...

Soul II Soul came together in 1988…but first burst onto the scene in 1999 with their GINORMOUS hit…”Back to Life”! They followed that up with their other hit…”Keep On Moving”! The group went on to win 2 Grammy’s. Well decades have passed…as well as some of their members. Doreen Waddell was killed on March 1st, […]

Iā€™m 2 Chainz celebrated his 42nd birthday yesterday…on Friday the 13th!! And of course it was a star studded event with celeb friends like: Jermaine Dupri, DJ Khaled, Diddy, Jeezy and Remy Ma!!! In keeping with the spooky theme of the evening…the party had Tombstones that had “RIP To My Haters” and “RIP To Her […]