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Ooooooohhhhhhh….you in trouble!!!

Janel Horne is Vernon Davis’ fiancee and girlfriend of 15 years and she is NOT happy right now. On Monday she went on Instagram calling out Vernon, for allegedly cheating on her with a younger woman. A 20-year old “child” is what she called her. She has since taken down the post, but I’ll tell you what it said…

She wrote, “When you give a man your all, 15yrs, 3kids, and you sacrifice your life and he cheats on you with 20yr old child and lies on you #yourealiarandacheater #youwantedtobeoyighereyougo #lowselfesteem #imoverit #nothidingbehindyourlies” I don’t know why when I read that, I hear Ms. Ceily’s voice from the Color Purple? LOL

Anyway, he went on Instagram and posted Leviticus 19:11…which reads “Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie to one another.” Now, I don’t know if he’s referring to himself, or if he’s saying his fiancee is lying??? All I do know is that there’s trouble on the home field and it’s not at FedEx….he better get it together before the season starts. Get it together!

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