NBA player Tristan Thompson is just out here moving grimey. I mean… It just kept getting worse for him. While his pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, is preparing to give birth any day now… photos surfaced of Tristan cheating on her with a mystery woman while he was in NYC. Then,

Ginuwine was on social media yesterday defending his ex-wife Sole, after people started to drag her for posting a pic of her and her new boo Professor Grif.

Looks like another couple is calling it quits, Actor Jesse Williams has filed for divorce from his wife Aryn.They’ve were married for 5 years but together for 13 years.

New details are coming out about the split with Lala & Carmelo Anthony. Sources say Lala moved out the months ago, so this news of the stripper wasn’t the trigger.

Lamar Odom continues to shed light on his past drug issues during his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Trust wasn’t at the center of the relationship for one Arizona couple. This past Saturday night, Delia Flores was arrested for shooting her boyfriend several times, including in the genitals, when she suspected him of cheating. She called 911 after the shooting, originally withholding information on how he got shot. When police arrived, she eventually confessed that she […]

Dating & Social Development Coach Eddie Fews opens up about the way men view monogamy and commitment.

T.I. doesn't play when it comes to rumors about his family, and with social media's prevalence, his true feelings are always only one click away.


Ooooooohhhhhhh….you in trouble!!! Janel Horne is Vernon Davis’ fiancee and girlfriend of 15 years and she is NOT happy right now. On Monday she went on Instagram calling out Vernon, for allegedly cheating on her with a younger woman. A 20-year old “child” is what she called her. She has since taken down the post, but I’ll […]