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Whitney Houston‘s comeback will be solidified on next week’s Billboard 200 albums chart.

According to early estimates, Houston’s new album, ‘I Look To You,” is lined up for a strong debut atop the chart.

While figures released are not exact, it is believed that “I Look To You” will move between 200-250,000 copies at retail.

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Sinbad is speaking out about the headlines last spring that suggested he was one of California’s biggest tax evaders, owing some $2.5 million to the state.

The comedian was even put on the Wall of Shame, a spot on the Franchise Tax Board’s Web site reserved for the state’s 250 worst tax debtors.

“See I’m a comic. That ain’t nothing but a joke,” Sinbad tells EURweb exclusively.

The entertainer, who is preparing to tape a TV standup special for Comedy Central, says his tax issues were never as serious as the headlines made them appear.

“I think they wanted to make it bigger,” he said. “When I say ‘bigger,’ I mean it’s something that was already being handled. So by the time it hit the paper, it was already being taken care of.”

Sinbad said he finds the entire situation funny. “You know, if I had done income tax evasion, if I had lived large, been driving a Bentley, then maybe [it would’ve been funny.] But for me, I was just trying to keep my production company alive.”

He added: “I figured hey, if GM could get a stimulus package, maybe I could get one.”

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Michael Jackson’s sister Janet is reportedly going to speak about the death of the King of Pop in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Janet has said little to the press about the death and following investigation but The New York Post has revealed that she plans to give a revealing interview to the magazine.

A source said: “She is giving them the world exclusive and is going to be on the cover.”

It has been recently reported that Janet is planning to write a book about life in the Jackson family.

An insider told In Touch Weekly: “She is going to talk about Michael’s death and how it’s affected her and his children and the rest of the family.

“A lot of it will focus on her battle with self-esteem and weight. But that’s not always what she has seen when she looks in the mirror.”

The source added: “So the book will talk about how she has coped, and about her family relationships. She wants to help other young women out there.”

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