Love and R&B

Welcome back #lovers, we have the perfect artist to end your weekend the right way, its going down tonight on the Summer Mini Concert Series ! In just a few we’ll highlight the music of the phenomenal singer, songwriter, dancer and also known as the “King of Pop“; Michael Jackson! He rose to fame as a […]

Love and R&B

          Join us tonight for Thursday Night Special! The keyword for tonight is “Alone” and all songs will feature this word. Here’s “You Are Not Alone” from the late Michael Jackson, enjoy; it’s all #LoveandR&B Connect With Us On Social Media Facebook: @LRnBRadio Twitter: @LRnB_radio Instagram: @LRnB_Radio JOHN MONDS , LRNB RADIO

A rumor with a little truth behind it is picking up steam not just for Michael Jackson fans but for everyone who watched Leaving Neverland. A month after HBO aired the docuseries Leaving Neverland about two Michael Jackson accusers who say the King of Pop abused them over a number of years, Oprah has slowly […]

Love and R&B

Tune in to the  Summer Mini Concert Series beginning at 7 pm you don’t want to miss this! Tonight it’s all about the late Michael Jackson also known as the “King of Pop“. This phenomenon did it all; singer, songwriter, dancer you name it he did it! According to Rolling Stone, “In 2009 Jackson was the biggest-selling […]

It seems as if Michael Jackson’s throne has been compromised. What once was the biggest selling album in history, Thriller, is no longer. Rock group The Eagles have taken over the top position with their album, The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975.  The album is now at 38 million copies sold/streamed/downloaded. Thriller by comparison, is now in […]

Love and R&B

Happy Monday #Lovers, we have the perfect artist to start your week off on the right foot tonight on the Summer Mini Concert Series ! Tonight we highlight the music of the phenomenal singer, songwriter, dancer and also known as the “King of Pop“; Michael Jackson! He rose to fame as a young child in 1964, […]

The music game is competitive so it’s no wonder that two of the top artists in the industry would throw friendly shots at one another. According to an interview Jermaine Dupri did with the Rap Radar podcast, while Usher was working on his 8701 album, Michael Jackson was working on his Invincible album with Rodney […]


Tuesday marked what would have been Michael Jackson’s 59th birthday. He was born in 1958 and died June 25, 2009. The King of Pop regularly topped the music charts and gave the world cult classics and popular trends. During his career, he grossed millions and sold record-breaking amounts of music. Many renowned Jackson as one of the most […]

Today we celebrate what would have been Michael Jackson’s 59th birthday with a special mini concert by the most acclaimed Jackson of them all Michael. We lost MJ 8 years ago on June 25, 2009  and it seemed like the world stopped the moment we heard the news. Of course he’ll go down in history as the biggest entertainer of […]

Michael Jackson would’ve celebrated his 59th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! Thank you for your decades of music and dance genius. You painted in colors that didn’t exist and never will again. Here are a few of the most memorable videos that the late pop icon, who died in 2009, produced during his more than 40-year […]