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Measuring Against One Eye

Start the eyelash measuring process off right by placing a large hand mirror face-up in front of you on a table or the bathroom counter. This will give you a much better view of your lashes than trying to tilt your head back to peek at them through half-shut eyes in a wall mirror. Take out one of the false eyelashes and place it on top of your natural lash line, lining up the falsie with your own lashes as much as possible. If the false eyelashes extend past your own lashes, you’re going to need to trim them down to match.

Measuring Against the Other Eye

After you measure one false eyelash against your own lashes, you’re going to feel the urge to skip going through the process again with your other eye and just assume the second eyelash needs to be the same length. Resist this temptation. Yes, you’ve got two eyes, but that doesn’t mean they’re identical twins. Just as many women have slightly different sized breasts or feet, you may have eyes with slightly differing lash line lengths. That may not sound like a big deal, but it will be if one eyelash is too long and flaps at the edge of your eye while you’re dancing at the nightclub. Measure the second eyelash on your other eye in the same way that you did the first.

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