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In an informal IHop round table discussion on my recent and way-too-short trip to the Big Apple for the Battle of The Sexes event a group of us got into it about double standards. One gentleman at the table remarked that he paid close attention to a woman’s profile picture. He said something to the effect that if the majority of her profile pictures were taken in the club, it indicated that she was a party girl and that this was something that would turn him off. Of course the ladies weren’t having that as we had all been out that evening, were sociable, and loved a good party.

I realize that liquor laced late nights filled with high-heeled glamor puss dancing won’t last forever, but I find it difficult to conceive that an active social life would deter any man from getting to know me. I understand a Facebook album filled with drunken pictures of a female passed out on the floor of a nightclub or street corner may not tickle the fancy of a Rhodes Scholar or preacher’s son, but at what point does partying affect a woman’s ability to find a mate?

I’ve once fallen victim to the stereotype that if a man parties or goes out a lot he must be bad news because I strongly believed the saying, “never meet a man in the nightclub”. Most of us have this image of the nightlife scene being the devil’s breeding ground with illegal substances readily available and loose women at a man’s beckoning call. I’d be delusional if I said this doesn’t happen but a majority of folks who do party do so and head straight home without any issues surrounding drug abuse or risky one-night stands.

It all comes down to an individual’s perspective but self-control and willingness to be in a relationship in my opinion, is something you can’t learn from a few pictures in the club. If you know inherently that you love being the life of the party or with the life of the party, can function in your daily life (pay bills, hold down a job etc.), why change to please a few who have a brewing pot of insecurities in their kitchen?

How do you feel about dating an individual with an active social life?

Have you ever dated someone who put their social life before the relationship?

How do you feel about females who have a lot of profile pictures taken in clubs or at events, Is there indeed a double standard?

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