Nicki Minaj is an open book about her love life. During a recent interview on Ellen, she didn’t hold back. When asked whether things were serious between her and rumored bae Nas, the rapper admitted that after her break up with boyfriend Meek Mill in January, she decided to remain celibate. Read the full story here. Stay up-to-date with […]


Is the comedian playing a Valentine's Day prank on us?


It’s no secret that the way you present yourself on social media can have severe consequences in real life, just ask the racists who have a penchant for revealing themselves regularly on Facebook and lose their jobs in the process. However, your social media behavior can also have repercussions on your dating life. As reported […]

Rumors have been swirling all week that the newly divorced songstress has found love.


Allie Dowdle, 18, raised $35,000 to pay college expenses after her parents allegedly cut her off for dating a Black person.


It seems she continuously reached out to him and got no reply a few times – because he wasn't that into her.

Things have been heating up between Drake and Jennifer Lopez over the last few months.

Idris Elba could have just about any woman he wants, but the actor allegedly already has his sights set on a specific lucky young lady.

Some pretty nasty comments are being made about Prince Harry's new girlfriend Meghan Markle. But how surprised are we really?

As social media becomes instantly obsessed with Prince Harry and his rumored new girlfriend Meghan Markle, more details emerge about their secret friendship-turned-romance.

The actor and new boxer tweeted "Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherf---s... "Don't believe the Hype." Welp!

Rumor has it Prince Harry is dating a Black woman. In 2016, people are somehow still shocked––but clearly the Prince knows royalty when he sees it.