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I received three emails from three different women from three different places around the country on one day last week. All of the emails were concerning the same relationship topic: “Dear Steven, can I be celibate and still be in a relationship?”

I have been avoiding this celibacy question for a couple of years now because I don’t want to be the cause of a person going to hell.

As a Christian, I know that we are supposed to wait until we are married before having sex. Having said that, I find it necessary to keep it real at all times. All times.

When keeping it real, discussion points have to be placed in perspective. The perspective required here is that of the Average Single Sexually Active Man. Let’s call him Sam. The question at hand is, Will Sam give up having sex for you? After careful assessment of the data collection from my previous field research, I have decided that this topic is much more complicated than it initially seems. You know what? Let’s just talk directly to Sam.

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