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You’ve made the commitment to begin a healthier lifestyle.for 2011.  Month 1 was challenging but good.  Month 2 is ok but your life is getting busy and making time to workout is becoming difficult.  Have no Fear! Here’s some encouraging ways to keep yourself motivated! has 10 ways to trick yourself  into working out and/or maintaining your workout schedule.  Check them out!

1. Channel that glorious post workout feeling. Whenever you feel the instinct to skip a sweat session, imagine how accomplished and energized you feel after just 30 minutes or an hour of exercise. Just get there already.

2. Make a date with a friend or fitness trainer. If you set a time to meet someone, you’ll feel obligated to go, even when your mind and body are telling you otherwise.

3. Create a healthy post workout routine and make time for it too. Reward yourself after a workout by scheduling extra moments to relax in the steam room, get your hair done, get a hot coffee, or simply sit and enjoy some good, healthy food.

4. Schedule your workout early. Get going in the morning before the day’s distractions detour you from your workout intentions.

5. Carry a motivational token or photo with you. Beyoncé says she keeps a painting of an Oscar at the gym, so she’s literally running toward her next goal. Snap a shot of the dress you want to wear on your next date, a beautiful beach you hope to visit this year, or even yourself at your best, and make it the wallpaper on your phone. When you feel like caving, look at it as a healthy reminder.

Easy right?  You can do it!

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