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This morning on my usual train ride into work, while attempting to read a magazine, I was distracted by the guys in front of me, deep in an intense debate about the best pick up lines they have tried, and how they they are all ‘foolproof’. Apparently, the ladies love ’em.


I don’t think I have ever heard a good pick-up line. Granted some are funny, and may work to strike up a conversation at the bar, but has anyone ever ended up going out with cheesy guy with the lines? Well I didn’t think so, but some digging on the web uncovered numerous websites dedicated purely to pick-up lines. The best of these would have to be Apparently, pick-up lines are big business!

Here are some of the best (or worst) lines I have ever heard. Enjoy!

‘That’s a nice dress. It would look really good on my floor.’ The guys who have no game always seem to think this is hilarious. Sigh.

‘You’re far from home. ‘Cos you have gotta be sent from heaven.’

‘How much does an elephant weigh? Enough to break the ice. Wanna dance?’

‘Hi gorgeous. That is your name right?’ I mean, seriously how does this ever work!

‘Are you tired? Cos you’ve been running through my thoughts all night.’ Come on now! Really?

‘Is it daylight already, or did you just smile at me?.’ Vomit.

‘Excuse me, can I use your cell? I promised my mom I’d call her when I fell in love’

‘I’ll buy you dinner if you make me breakfast.’ Hell no!

Ladies, as it is the weekend and you are all probably going out tonight, you may encounter some of these zingers. If you do, and you can’t make him take the hint and leave, please try this for me….

‘Hey, yeah sorry I was ignoring you, would you like to dance? Well can you please go away and dance so I can talk to my friend?.’

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