12/11/15 – Sometimes dating around the holiday can be tricky, luckily Jacque Reid gets down to the bottom of this with two relationship experts Kelli…

Ladies the pickings are allegedly slim, and there are fewer truly available men, emphasis on black, to go around. Why is this? I mean we…

It’s common knowledge that our non-verbal communication says a whole lot more than our verbal. But when you stay sitting pretty, have trouble sustaining a relationship, a look at the way you are presenting yourself verbally may be necessary. I’ve got it all, I have a great career, I’m attractive, intelligent, with a kind heart […]

Our generation has picked an interesting time to enter  the wonderful world of dating. You have the seemingly effortless fairy-tale union of Bey & Jay-Z juxtaposed to women up on the Maury show struggling to figure out who impregnated them and when. I am 100% sure that most of us are leaning towards the fairy-tale […]

Communication in relationships, you either got it or you don’t. Does effective communication take work? Yes. Does open communication with your mate involve trial and error? Most definitely! Will you have to step out of your comfort zone on more than one occasion to achieve results…Yessss! I often have conversation with friends who feel ten […]

On the surface a lot of guys can come across as “ballers,” but its up to you to be alert and pay attention to the waving red flags that make it clear this stud is really being a bum with his money. Before dating becomes “I do,” look for these warning signs and clues. If […]

I’m working the other night at this jazz club in midtown New York, and I’m doing my usual small talk as the customers wait in line to get into the show. I come across a young couple that I know and ask, what brings them out? The girl responds with a huge smile on her […]

This morning on my usual train ride into work, while attempting to read a magazine, I was distracted by the guys in front of me, deep in an intense debate about the best pick up lines they have tried, and how they they are all ‘foolproof’. Apparently, the ladies love ’em. Hmmmm…really? I don’t think […]