Former Chicago bartender and his fitness instructor wife – Will and Monifa Sims – blew up YouTube, with 5 million hits and counting, after getting their 15 seconds of fame on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The couple did their thing when they nailed a skit called “Pumpcast News,” where Will killed his rendition of Jon Bon Jovi’s […]

First thing that came to my mind when I saw the headline was, “maybe Latoya Jackson was on to something.”   It could have also been, “look what Latoya started.”     If you missed what I’m talking about, Omarosa is reportedly suing Latoya for comments about Michael Clarke Duncan’s death, but that’s another story. […]

I was watching some show the other night, and they mentioned Sherman Hemsley.   My first thought was, didn’t he die recently?  The answer is yes, but I also thought something was missing,  the funeral!   Sherman died in July,  so, why the delay?

An old friend of mine used to joke that he wanted to be spending his last dime as he passed on.  After watching the families of celebs almost come to blows over inheritence, maybe he had it right.  Donna Summer has 3 daughters, two of them want money, while the third is attempting to be […]

Stuff, that’s all it is when someone you love is gone. If you really cared about the person, you mourn their loss, you miss them, but you don’t worry about what they left you or if they had anything to leave. Glad to hear that Gary Houston, Whitney’s brother, understands that. Check out his reaction […]

Over the weekend, Lala and her hubby Carmelo Anthony celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. In celebration of their one year, the couple chatted with the folks at the NY Times where they discussed their own relationship as well as couple’s they look up to and aspire to be like such as Will and Jada […]