Civil Rights & Social Justice

Southwick Regional High School students in Massachusetts are accused of of creating a "slave auction" in a Snapchat group called "Black people are low class." The post High School Students Accused Of Creating Online ‘Slave Auction’ In ‘Black People Are Low Class’ Snapchat Group appeared first on NewsOne.

Black people see a racial double standard in reactions to raging Travis Kelce bumping and yelling at Coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl. The post Why Isn’t Anyone Calling Travis Kelce A ‘Thug’? Black People See Racial Double Standard To Raging At Coach appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The wrongful arrest unfolded when police mistook Brittney Gilliam's car for a stolen vehicle in 2020. The post Family Of Black Girls Handcuffed By Aurora Police Win $1.9M Settlement appeared first on NewsOne.

Sen. Tom Cotton's racial ethics were questioned after a baseless grilling of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew on being Chinese and ties to Communism. The post Senator Tom Cotton’s Racist Remarks l The Amanda Seales Show appeared first on Black America Web.

The Jackie Robinson statue stolen last week has been recovered, but not in the condition many had hoped. After being chopped off from the ankle up, only the cleats of Robinson’s statue remained at a public park in Wichita, Kansas. As authorities searched for the perpetrators, they reviewed surveillance footage showing several people entering the […]

A judge has ordered the release of a second batch of racist text messages sent by former San Jose police officer Mark McNamara. The post Judge Orders Release Of More Racist Text Messages From Former San Jose Cop Who Sent ‘I Hate Black People’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Trevon Morgan was acquitted in San Francisco after being charged with attempted robbery of a man who called him racial slurs. The post Not Guilty! Black Man Acquitted After ‘Karen’ Falsely Accused Him Of Robbery appeared first on NewsOne.

Karens who messed around and found out. In this case, found out means they got arrested.  The post A List of Karens Who Messed Around and Found Out appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A Black woman delivery driver for Amazon shown on video being attacked by a white woman in Texas is planning legal action and asking for help identifying “the Karen who attacked me.” The post Black Woman Amazon Driver Attacked By ‘Racist’ Karen On Video Is Planning Legal Action Against White Woman appeared first on NewsOne.

Singer/actress Fantasia took a break from promo on 'The Color Purple' to address a recent #AirbnbWhileBlack incident on her son's b'day. The post AirbnBAD? Fantasia Blasts Rental App For Racial Discrimination By North Carolina Airbnb Host appeared first on Black America Web.

Hannah Payne is the latest white vigilante to be convicted and sentenced for killing an unarmed Black person. Will Daniel Penny be next? The post Hannah Payne Is The Latest White Vigilante Sentenced For Black Death. Will Daniel Penny Be Next? appeared first on NewsOne.

Cait Corrain, a white author, was dropped by her publisher for writing numerous bad reviews of books by Black & other POC authors while praising her own on Goodreads. The incidents highlight a "review bombing" problem on Goodreads.