Van Jones

Jay Z (left) continues making boss moves! He just signed CNN commentator Van Jones (bottom) to Roc Nation. Sources at Roc Nation say they will “work to amplify the already-excellent advocacy that Van does to improve education, the environment, and social justice.” Congrats to Van Jones!!!

One White woman thought it was suitable to call Van Jones a racial slur when critiquing his views on President Trump. If you don’t know her already, meet Ariane Bellamar. Bellamar — a Playboy Playmate and former model for Trump’s modeling agency — was responding to a statement made by Van Jones praising Trump’s first […]

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

Out of 100,000 people in America, 716 are currently behind bars and sadly, there are a disproportionate number of African-Americans serving time in our nation's prison industrial complex.

During Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Van Jones and the day's panel of guests discussed the sentencing and the egregious disparities in justice this case has exposed when punishing politicians for wrong-doing.

NewsOne Now guest host and friend of the artist Van Jones said, "I know exactly the smile and exactly the strut that he would have had" knowing the Eiffel Tower in France and Niagara Falls were lit with purple lights to honor him.

One thing civil rights activists must do is keep the public’s attention on serious matters. Still, even they have a sense of humor. One would…


This year’s TV season has a number of throwback moments – from Queen Latifah and Arsenio Hall returning to host talk shows to Michael J.…


Roland Martin talks with Van Jones about President Obama’s Inauguration speech and about what Obama will do in his second term.

Do you seem to date men who just can’t get their act together? Men who, if you weren’t there packing their lunch and dropping them off, would probably skip work, or night classes or whatever their responsibilities are? It’s no coincidence: these guys look for you. But, what’s more alarming is that you look for […]