We got a chance to chop it up with Tyla, the next big international pop star to crossover from South Africa.


The Army Corps issued a letter demanding that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vacate the land so that they can move forward with building the controversial oil pipeline.

Two White South African men are on trial for forcing a Black man into a coffin. They video recorded the assault.


A Gambian model, who has gained notoriety for her rich, dark skin tone, came under attack on social media after a follower accused her of being a White woman in blackface.

Mahapa said she is resolved to educate women and hopes men understand there are no limitations to what they can do.

Mazibuko said the scholarship was created to reduce the rate of pregnancies and keep the teens away from older men.

Jesus, take the wheel. H&M South Africa issued an apology this week for Tweeting a comment that implied white models portray a more “positive image” for the brand. The brand was coming off of their launch in the country when customers voiced concerns over the lack of diversity in their campaigns. Namely, that there were […]

The Mandela family name is one that carries a heavy weight of responsibility because of the legendary Nelson Mandela. And after his death in 2013,…

Last summer my mom, adult kids and I watched Trevor Noah and knew this guy was going to be big. He’s edgy, intelligent and his jokes are clean. It takes a special talent to connect with three generations and Comedy Central recognizes his gift as the new host of the Daily Show when Jon Stewart […]

I’m Safe & sound. Here’s how it all happnd. http://t.co/GjUaByZV6w via @youtube — vuyo mvoko (@vuyo_mvoko) March 10, 2015 South African journalist Vuyo Mvoko was robbed…

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Nelson Mandela insisted that he wanted to walk out of prison, when then President F. W. de Klerk told him he would finally be freed 25 years ago. Read full story:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/11/nelson-mandela-25th-anniversary-release-from-prison_n_6661646.html


Apartheid ended in 1994 but Cape Town, South Africa is still segregated. Many beaches in the ‘Mother City’ remain predominately white and it’s the only…