Artist Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” has to be one of the most popular songs playing in everyone’s ears right now. Can anyone think of a better way to be honored as an artist than having a President do a parody of your songs? I can’t. Well our legendary Bill Clinton is the main character in […]


Even though the storm may be over there is still work to be done to repair the damaged caused by Superstorm Sandy. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama rekindled his unlikely relationship and what some call a “bromance” with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the two went before the cameras to express the continuing recovery […]


According to the Washington Post, President Obama outlined the future of his counter-terrorism policies Thursday in a speech that sought to more clearly define the American enemy, as well as to assure that the nation’s war with al-Qaeda will end one day. Obama outlines future of counterterrorism efforts

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday at an event in Little Rock, Ark., that she prays former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will run for president, saying it would send a powerful message to women in the world. Read More 


Hear him speak and you know this man has a mission and is well qualified to handle the task at hand. Dr. John Silvanus Wilson Jr, aka, Rev. Wilson has been named Morehouse College’s 11th president. Congratulations to you Dr. Wilson and family. Read more here 

As if losing every swing state except North Carolina wasn’t enough, according to, 847 of Mitt Romney’s Facebook friends have been ditching him per hour since he lost the election to President Barack Obama last Tuesday.  This is a textbook example of insult to injury.

President Obama goes after the younger voters with Jimmy Fallon and gets the chance to check out the Roots crew.  What song will QuestLove select to welcome him on stage?

President Obama prays with his administration before an important meeting.

This is what our President was doing in 1991, Barack Obama then 29-year old Harvard Law Review editor gets serious for this TBS Black History moment.

(Washington, DC)   —  A security breach at the White House lands a man in federal custody.  A man jumped the fence on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House but was immediately tackled by security officers.  The man was ordered to lay down on the ground by security personnel and was seen being led away. […]

The leader of the free world and the basketball’s world champions paid a special visit to children volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club at THEARC yesterday. President Obama, Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers, who were also in town to play against the Washington Wizards, took part in a […]

EURweb reports that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is back in the headlines. In his sermon Sunday at New Millennium Church in Little Rock, President Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor accused people who wrongly believe Obama is Muslim. Click here to read the full story.