Home Depot re-hired employee Maurice Rucker after he was fired for standing up to racial hostilities from a customer in an Albany, New York store. Mr. Rucker was verbally abused by a customer whom he had merely asked to leash his dog. After being taunted, Mr. Rucker said to the customer: “You’re lucky I’m […]

Viacom’s BET has been at the center of a lot of restructuring this year. You know Programming president, Stephen Hill stepped down earlier this year, amid allegations of discrimination and harassment.

  LeBron James was a very outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign made it known that he did not support Donald Trump. And now that Trump is our new president-elect, the king of basketball will not  support his business either. The Cleveland Cavaliers are visiting the New York Knicks this week, and ESPN sources say […]

New York resident Desmond Muller lost his life after walking away from an argument with a group of men outside of a deli, according to witnesses.

After a brief hiatus and some minor vocal cord surgery, singer Adele came back to the music scene with a vengeance in the form of her song Hello. She broke and set some new records in sales and video views with a poignant and powerful story of love. The song is just beautiful although some […]

I love shoes! Check out some of the most unusual styles ever worn displayed at this shoe exhibit in Brooklyn, NY. See. http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/10/high-fashion-museum-exhibitions/slideshow/2014/10/03/fashion_exhibitions/6/


An innocent man soon to be freed after 17 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit has one great fear — that his relationship with his daughter has been damaged beyond repair. Read more here

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