The Mother Emanuel A.M.E. shooting tragedy in Charleston, S.C. was another in a long line of racially-fueled violence throughout history aimed at the Black church.…

Little Known Black History Fact

Denmark Vesey was an 18th century slave who skillfully planned the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history. Unfortunately, he never saw the revolt because two other black men, George Wilson and Rolla Bennett, collectively revealed the plot to a white slavemaster. Regardless, Vesey was called a hero for his plan of the major Carolina rebellion. […]

I’m sick of you bleeding hearts whining about how America has a “responsibility” to other nations around the globe to ensure “justice,” “democracy,” and whatever other crappy ideological nonsense some of you nuts actually think that we really practice here. Partner Link: Kim Kardashian Goes Wild It really pisses me off when people believe that. […]