Donald Trump has done it this time, and the American people are not happy. The country is in panic mode after the POTUS ordered missile attack on Syria — he authorized the launch of more than 50 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. Navy ships Thursday night that targeted Syrian military sites, which Syria said killed six […]

Kirk Franklin doesn't play when it comes to God or his family.

Nia Jones said that no one, including Kroger employees, stepped in to help as the male shopper punched her three times in the face and chest.

Two teenage girls living in Syracuse, New York, were arrested after allegedly attacking a 62-year-old man on video.

A Mississippi Judge is seeing himself on the other side of the bench after allegations surfaced he attacked a disabled man nine months ago. Madison…

Amber Andujar celebrated a bittersweet victory when the man who raped her and killed her younger brother was sentenced to 110 years in prison. Amber…


  The bicyclist that was attacked as he rode along the Metropolitan Branch Trail inn Northeast Washington late Tuesday afternoon was knocked off his bike and beaten by a group of approximately fifteen youths. Local police and a woman who rushed to help him reported that he was bleeding profusely and his left eye was […]

I remember something like this happening a few years ago with a park bear.  Back then, it was the husband who attempted to feed the bear, while the wife taped the incident from the safety of the vehicle.   I have actually pet the Cheetahs at a reserve in South Africa.  I now know why I […]