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Hip-Hop is a massively influential music art form and culture that is, sadly, at odds with itself due to the widening generational gap and literal lack of understanding among its proponents. After DJ Akademiks took a shot at elders of the genre, LL Cool J and others fired back and sparked an intense debate on Hip-Hop.

Akademiks is one of the more popular media figures as it pertains to coverage of the music and culture but rankled many via a recent Twitch stream by referring to older rap acts as “dusty” and essentially taking digs at these artists for not “living good” financially to use his words.

LL Cool J, a living legend without question, addressed Akademiks’ comments without using his name in a passionate but respectful reply stating how the early pioneers contributed heavily to the genre thus creating a pathway for the next generations.

Ak’s words created a firestorm of replies, with Ebro Darden, Michael Rappaport, and a host of others firing back with their own takes on the comments. Ebro even took it several steps further and referred to Ak as looking dusty himself despite his claims of fame and riches.

In the wake of Ak’s comments and the ongoing generational war fires social media needlessly stoke periodically, Hip-Hop fans young and old have spoken up and out about the need in respecting the forebearers while supporting the up-and-coming acts. LL Cool J clearly said that even at 54, he is rooting for the younger artists and wants them to succeed.

Hip-Hop, at its core, is primarily a Black art form created and shaped by Black and brown people in New York and has a tremendous amount of influence on fashion, music, language, and more. Since the 1970s, it has evolved into a billion-dollar business which, to be fair, hasn’t been the most equitable towards those who contribute to it.

DJ Akademiks has the pulse of the youth and knows full well he could help bridge the gap between his younger viewers and the musical acts they love between older supporters along with the musical acts they enjoy. However, as evidenced by the tweet below, Ak is remaining steadfast while holding his ground.

“{a]ny industry n*gga hating on me.. is cuz i aint kiss the ring or bow down before i got into this shi*. they all mad they gotta deal wit me. now. Just remember akademiks aint the last. Everyone influential in hip hop media coming via the internet…,” read the tweet.

Ak and Ebro also had a very public back and further after the Hot 97 host’s aforementioned words went wide.

It’s easy to split hairs over what Hip-Hop is but detrimental to what Hip-Hop should be in the end. Hopefully, this debate serves as an educational and bridge-building moment and not another reason for younger and older generations to be insistent on not understanding one another out of pride.

Check out part of the Hip-Hop debate via Twitter below. Do remember, we are not taking sides here, just sharing comments from all sides.

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