It looks like Jay-Z may be close to making the dream of Black ownership in the NFL a reality after new reports put him on a very small list of top contenders to purchase the Denver Broncos franchise.

The Washington Football Team is getting closer to no longer being named The Washington Football Team. 

As of Saturday (August 14), all 32 NFL teams had a vaccination rate above 75 percent according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. 15 percent of teams were above the 95 percent vaccination rate and 10 percent of teams were above 90 percent.

Rap vet and celebrity sports fan Snoop Dogg has a strong opinion about the lack of ownership in the NFL, and you might even agree with his candid call-out of what he says is racism.

Washington Football team makes a bold move toward their fanbase, banning headdresses and face paint ahead of the 2021-2022 season.

The investigation found the WFT’s workplace “highly unprofessional,” especially for women.