Stephanie Clifford, aka adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Trump paramour, has a book coming out, Full Disclosure.  In it, she describes her affair with Trump, different aspects of his private parts, and of course his hair…which somewhat surprisingly he knows is “ridiculous.” “‘I know,’ he said with a smile. ‘It’s ridiculous. Come […]

The RBRM Tour is headed to the Eagle Bank Arena this Saturday and if you haven’t gotten your tickets click below and make sure you join us. Click Here To Get Your Tickets To The RBRM Tour The fellas talk about what you can expect from the tour, getting back in the road together and […]

A teenager in California saw a purse laying in the middle of the street. He grabbed it to get the owner’s ID and discovered $10,000 inside. He then spoke with his parents and turned the purse over to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office with $5,000 (just kidding) ALL the money inside. The high school […]

If you watched part one the Bobby Brown Story on BET on Tuesday you would have learned about the relationship between the singer and a young Janet Jackson. In the movie, Brown, and Jackson had a secret relationship that Bobby wanted to make public while Janet wanted to keep the “Don’t Be Cruel’ singer on […]

  Probably not this way though. A Chinese kindergarten principal was fired after she welcomed her students (3-6 of age) and their parents back to school. What’s the problem you ask? She did it with a pole dance. The principal hired a dancer to give a pole dancing exhibition. Apparently, in China, it’s customary to […]

It seems as if Michael Jackson’s throne has been compromised. What once was the biggest selling album in history, Thriller, is no longer. Rock group The Eagles have taken over the top position with their album, The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975.  The album is now at 38 million copies sold/streamed/downloaded. Thriller by comparison, is now in […]

While the passing of Aretha Franklin sent shockwaves throughout the world, many were able to celebrate the life of the “Queen Of Soul.” One of those was Urban One founder Ms. Cathy Hughes. Ms. Hughes called into the Donnie Simpson Show to talk about her friendship with Franklin which she explains the two bonded over […]

Our own Donnie Simpson has interviewed the incomparable Aretha Franklin on many occasions. Watch this fantastic interview with Donnie and Aretha singing one of Curtis Mayfield‘s classic hits “Makings Of You.” The interview was to promote the album “A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield” featuring an all-star cast including Franklin playing tribute to Mayfield who became […]

In China people are hiring what are called ‘love testers’ to test your partner’s fidelity to your relationship. The job of a love tester is to attempt to seduce your significant other. If they fail, good news for you. If they succeed, real bad news for you. Here’s how: You just paid for someone to […]

Lauren Cutshaw of South Carolina was observed going through a four-way stop at 60 mph. After being pulled over by police, officers noted “bloodshot, glassy eyes”. However, Ms. Cutshaw informed the officers that she was a “white, clean girl” according to the police report and went to a “high (sic) accredited university.” According to her, […]