Dr. Collier shares some education about breast cancer like risks, family history, products to avoid, and how to examine your breasts.

The ad campaign features British boxer and breast cancer survivor Michele Aboro.

First up, while rare, men like Mathew Knowles can still develop this type of cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today’s show is dedicated to honoring those who are fighting the disease, remembering those lost their battles, and informing people about the disease and what you can do to stay healthy. We we’re joined by Nurse Dina Linsey, M.S.N, R.N. and Dr. Kimberley Lee, M.D. from Johns Hopkins Sidney […]

Meron Wondwosen opens up about her breast cancer battle and reveals how her family coped with her diagnosis.

The actress and musician opens up about how losing her mother to breast cancer impacted her life.

Dr. Hyatt gives us an inside look at what you can expect from your first breast exam with your doctor.

Mama reflects on being at the highest point of her career, but the lowest point in her life while watching her mother succumb to breast cancer.

Merone bravely tells her story as she undergoes chemotherapy and prepares for her mastectomy.

Breast cancer rates among African-American women under the age of 35 are two times higher than White women under age 35.

Avon Foundation for Women data found that nationally Black women were 43 percent more likely to die from this disease.

Shop for a change! Each of these items donate either all or a certain percentage of their proceeds to breast cancer research, education, and awareness.