Just because your hair loves one shampoo and conditioner, doesn't mean you shouldn't try others.

Octavia Spencer joined the Emmy Awards live from the comfort of her living room. Although the actress was nominated for the Lead Actress in a Limited Series/Movie category for her role in Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker, she opted for a socially distant celebration. Despite her evening in, she showed off a […]

Erykah Badu says it took 30 days to complete these thin as a line floor length braids!

Marshay Nicole's edge control worked on my natural hair and kept my top knot looking sleek as ever!

If all failed with these products, I knew at the very least, my hair would smell delicious.

Grace Eleyae’s satin lined headwear, called Slaps, are the perfect accessory for the natural hair girl who likes to stay warm but protect her tresses in the process. And we’re not the only ones who think her product is amazing, Gabrielle Union does too. MUST READ: Please Stop Asking Gabrielle Union Why Her Daughter’s Hair Isn’t […]

Even without big chops and transitions, many of us have been on a new type of hair journey during quarantine as we’ve been forced to fend for ourselves when it comes to our hair, but also explore just how much we’re capable of doing on our own, which has actually been pretty exciting for Tracee […]

I try a lot of products, okay? It takes a village to maintain this curl pattern. As my hair grows out, I battle with the different textures. I so desperately want to try a wash and go, but my various hair types won’t let me be great. What I’ve learned about my hair is the […]