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Attraction is something that is instinctual. It drives from within our core. What we like, what we don’t like. Sometimes we are unable to turn that animalistic force off like a light switch. Some have mastered this and would never cross boundaries and lines. While others are not that capable. Acting on that attraction is up to that person’s free will. Take for instance if you have a friend that has a partner that is hot. I mean he or she is your type so naturally you are attracted to them. Now, while your friend is in a relationship or dating that person you are obliged to be on your best behavior. No flirting, no checking out his/hers ass. Time goes on and ultimately your friend and the hottie don’t work out. You secretly give yourself a high five because you still are interested in that person.

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Months go by and you happen to see that person at say a lounge or a night club and you both give the usual greetings. You start to catch up on all that is life and your spidey senses begin to tingle. Could he or she be throwing your some rhythm? Could they be interested in you? Your first response is to ignore the thought and take is as your devious, bestial, imagination playing tricks on you until he or she makes an obvious move on you. Duh Duh! Do you choose option 1: Remain loyal to your friend and shut down the flirting? After all who the hell wants sloppy seconds? Or choose option 2: You think about all those mushy ass romance movies where two people meet in an uncanny way, hilarity ensues, and ultimately the two end up back together and live happily ever after. Oh sh*t! That could totally be you and he/she. Plus sometimes it’s fun to pick off of someone else’s plate. Sometimes you like what they ordered more than your dish. Wink, Wink.

What to do? I have seen this scene play out many times and the response seems to vary by gender. For instance, men usually…To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

“We’ve Been Together For Nine Months, But He’s Hardly Around!”