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Actress Michael Michele Shares How New Film ‘Drunk, Driving, and 17’ Helped Her Have Conversations With Her Son

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Russ Parr‘s latest film “Drunk, Driving, and 17” premieres on the Lifetime Network this Saturday, April 15th at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST, and it stars one of our favorites, “New Jack City” and “Dynasty” actress Michael Michele.


Movie Synopsis

The story of the tragic consequences of underage drinking and social hosting, where adults allow their children to host parties with alcohol with the belief they are safer drinking at home. 17-year-old Kim (Savannah Lee Smith) is every parent’s dream–she’s an honor student, popular, responsible, and bound for Stanford. But when she sees her boyfriend Dan flirting with another girl, Kim makes the worst decision of her life. In the blink of an eye, Kim wrecks the car, her life, and almost kills a classmate in a head-on collision. While Kim is responsible for her own actions, Dan’s parents, Martha and Tim also face scrutiny and liability by the town and police for allowing alcohol to be served to minors at their home

The film, also starring ‘Gossip Girl‘ Star Savannah Lee Smith tackles a story, based on true events. On what attracted her to the movie, Michele says “I was going home every single day having the exact same conversation with my own son. I also had a son, 7 years of age, graduating high school and going to all the Senior High School parties. So I said, well, isn’t this now apropos that I am being asked to do a movie that is mimicking my real life?

Michele continued saying “These are conversations. I’m having in my home. Every, every weekend, my son is getting ready to graduate high School in a couple of weeks. And so I would come to do a scene with you, and then I would go home and almost verbatim have the same conversation with my own son.”

Parents and children this is a film you do not want to miss.

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