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In the words of Kanye West, you may be “rocking Forever 21 buy ya just turned 30.” If you’re feeling it’s time to upgrade the quality of your clothes, but your pockets are preventing you from heading into the upper echelon of the clothing, then you will want to continue reading. As sustainability becomes more of a hot topic and people are trying to make choices better for the environment, reducing (or completely stopping) your fast fashion shopping, is at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, sustainable shopping is honestly, more expensive upfront (and less expensive in the long run). I explain to people that there is truly nothing that costs $5.00. If an item is cheap, someone is paying for it. It may be the individual who made it (lack of fair wages or working conditions) or it may be in the form of the fabric choice (polyester is one of the worst fabrics for the environment as they are made from petrochemicals and non-biodegradable). If you’re on a budget or of lower socio-economic status, you may think that sustainable shopping is not for you.

This is not true!

There are many options to help you stay on trend and think first about the environment. Keep reading for tips.

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