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Young mixed race woman shopping for clothing

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Thrifting is an art in and of itself and when done right, you can walk out with designer clothing and fashion gems for a fraction of the price. In fact, most of my “big purchases” or designer clothing has been thrifted. I admit, thrifting is not a quick process; however, there is a satisfaction when you get a major buy at a discounted price. You can thrift at stores like Buffalo Exchange or your local consignment shop. One of my best thrifting tips is to go thrift when you are in a different city (especially if it’s one where people are rich). I go and thrift in the most expensive neighborhoods because these are where the housewives like to drop off their Chanel they no longer want. I also like to thrift in warm weather cities for cold weather clothing. You get the cheapest finds because no one is looking for this.

My best thrift find was a fur coat that I bought in Naples, Florida. I paid about 10% of the original price.

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