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Danny Green Says He Was Robbed While At Vancouver Airbnb

Source: Michael Reaves / Getty

Former Toronto Raptor, Danny Green last memory of Canada won’t be bringing the country it’s first NBA Championship; instead, it will be him getting robbed in Vancouver. Sitting down with Harrison Sanford to record an episode for his Inside the Green Room podcast, Green revealed that he was the victim of a robbery on his first night in the Canadian city.

Green was in Vancouver late last week for a youth basketball skills camp tour where he and his travel companions booked an Airbnb. They quickly noticed the property that he claims “looked great” in photos looked completely different in person and while checking-in his teammates told him “we gotta change it, it’s old, it looks raggedy, it feels haunted.” Green followed them inside to inspect the property leaving two bags in their car, that was when the alleged robbery took place.  After touring the rental for about 10-minutes, they returned to the vehicle to discover two bags have been stolen.

Green says in the July 9 episode:

“We were there 10 minutes … we go back outside, and pretty much — not robbed of everything — but two book bags gone. “We lost electronics, computers, laptops, some camp registry money, stuff like that.”

Green says the group decided to search around the neighborhood for the bags and ended up in East Hastings where they quickly learned the troubled history of the area. Green revealed he was caught off guard about how rough the area was going as far to say that it was like the worst street in the United States.

“We walk up on it, this thing is the worst street in North America in terms of (drug use).” 

The shooting guard/ small forward went on to add the group did search for the bags but came up empty and he was not sure if they left the car unlocked. Vancouver authorities joined in on the search after Green reported the incident to them and announced to CTV News Vancouver that it assigned an investigator to the case. Sgt. Jason Robillard expressed remorse for Green and his teammates and at the same time claimed his city was a place.

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Green had a negative experience in Vancouver. Overall, our city is a safe place to live and visit.”

Don’t know how much that’s going to help Danny get his stuff back but he won’t have to worry about Vancouver anymore now that he is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Green got the hell out of dodge immediately after it was announced both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George was heading to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Photo: Michael Reaves / Getty

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