If you don’t have Netflix, this is a reason to subscribe.  The “QUEEN” Ava Duvernay will definitely take you through a range of emotions with this one.  “When They See Us” is the dramatized story behind the “Central Park Jogger” case which sparked racial tensions in New York April of 1989. It even had our current President buying a full-page ad to promote the execution of innocent black and brown folk. *sigh* I digress.

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This, ladies and gentlemen,  is the perfect limited series to spark conversations on the radio, in your family, and at the water cooler.  I see big things with this series during awards season.  Incredible acting from the young men who played the “Central Park Five”  and a well-scripted screenplay.  Did you know the actor who played young Kevin Richardson (Asante Blackk) is from the DMV?   WHEN THEY SEE US is a MUST SEE!

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