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If you haven’t marked your calendar yet, let it be known that May is National Masturbation Month!

Yup, they have a month for this.

And I doubt anyone will complain.

To commemorate the occasion, America’s favorite porn site, Pornhub, released some data on masturbation searches and the results were interesting to say the least.

When it comes to masturbation-specific search words, the term “masturbation” unsurprisingly reigns supreme. What follows is a major demand for voyeurism with various searches for “public” and “caught” varieties ranking high on the list.


Things get even more interesting when searches are broken down by demographic groups. First of all, women are 24 percent more likely to watch masturbation videos than the fellas. Meanwhile, users under the age of 35 are much less likely to seek out masturbation videos than people who are 45 and over.

Men and women also differ when it comes to certain searches. Women are 87 percent more likely to look up the term “masturbation” and way more likely (305 percent) to search for male-related masturbation videos like “solo male masturbation.” Women are also 389 percent more likely to search “hot guy masturbating.”

Men, on the other…ahem…hand, are more likely to look up things like “jerk off challenge” (66 percent), “jerk off encouragement” (65 percent), and “jerk off instruction” (51 percent).

We’ll let you process that for yourself.

On the geography side, certain states lead the pack for masturbation searches. New Mexico searches the topic 27 percent above the national average, Alaska searches it 22 percent above the average, and Kansas searches it 14 percent above the average. The two states least likely to search for masturbation videos include Wyoming (42 percent below the national average) and Idaho (38 percent below).

In terms of larger geographic patterns, the whole southwest is giving themselves the self-love they need the most. California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico are all above the national average while places like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are all below the national average.

So yea…the world’s a fascinating place when it comes to self-pleasure.

The Internet was quick to give funny commentary on these statistic, and the fact that there’s a National Masturbation Day in the first place.


And of course, certain companies that benefit from self-pleasure proudly made their services known.


XGEN Products was even sending out the health benefits of masturbation, tweeting out, “Masturbating improves sleep, makes it easier to orgasm, boosts self esteem and lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men! Enjoy a good night’s rest every night this month in celebration of #MasturbationMonth.”


Welp, tis the season!

Enjoy the rest of your May…

And beyond.

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