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Easter Bunny

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Easter took some unexpected twists this year that proved the traditional holiday isn’t the same as when your grandparents were going to service.

A few viral moments received some major attention and of course, social media brought the laughs to the religious holiday.

First, the Easter Bunny got a bad rep when one unidentified person dressed in a bunny suit started throwing hands outside a Florida nightclub. According to CBS Miami, the big white bunny tried to intervene in a fight outside of the Tier nightclub between a guy and a woman.

At first, it seems the Easter Bunny is trying to break up the fight, but bystanders in the clip accused the guy of spitting on the woman and eventually, the Easter Bunny started throwing blows at the guy. By the end, the bystanders were hyping Mr. Bunny up so much, he started shadowboxing for his fans. Peep the clip for yourself below, which was posted by Instagram user Workfth, according to CBS Miami.

If Easter Bunnies and egg hunts aren’t your thing for the Spring holiday, you might be one to focus all your energy on Jesus since this is his resurrection holiday. In that case, church might be the right move for you and in 2019, it seems pastors are trying all kinds of ways to get people to the alter.

One Memphis, Tennessee pastor tried to attract a local audience with some bible verses remixed with local dialect.

According to WMC 5, Pastor Kia Moore wanted to promote her “Church at the Well” with some billboards posted across the city. She started off with ones that said things like “We make wells” or “God heard your prayer.” But after several months, the spirit spoke to her (probably in a Tennessee accent) and certain billboards went from “God heard your prayer” to “For God so loved Memphis mane – John 3:16.”


“Last Sunday, I was just in prayer and God was like, ‘do it,’” Moore told WMC 5. “I’ve been wanting to do these billboards and there were some people who were discouraging us from doing it, and I just got the guts to do it.”

The billboards were only supposed to stay up through Easter Sunday but they’ve become so popular, Pastor Moore said they’ll remain up through Wednesday.

Along with the unconventional evangelism and bunny brawls, social media also gave a fresh spin to the word of the Lord.

Some folks combined the gospel of Fat Joe with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Others imagined Jesus’ resurrection comeback after he’d been stabbed in the back by Judas.


Then, there were those who had an even more dramatic reading of the resurrection.


Either way, hopefully folks found the connection they needed to have a great holiday.


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