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Source: John Moore / Getty

A young lady by the name of Ameera caught the attention of Twitter when she posted a photo of herself alongside a yearbook photo titling it “glow up of the century.”


However, the person in the photo was notAmeera herself, but anotherAmeera who happens to have down syndrome.


The tweet went viral and once it was uncovered that the photo was not Ameera, many people came to the Dallas teen’s defense. Some even reminding Ameera that she has gone viral before but not for good reason.

Ameera has gone viral on Twitter in the past, reportedly for terribly losing in a fight.

It appears no one forgot about that fight and Ameera was challenged to another fight in defense of the disabled teen.


Ameera accepted the fight but apparently did not fight fair. She allegedly ended up stabbing the other young lady, Brook, over a dozen times.


According to reports, Brook was transported to the hospital by a private vehicle and police officers were called. However, despite rumors, Ameera has yet to be arrested. Authorities are still investigating the situation.


Remember kids, it’s never “just Twitter.” Don’t ruin your life for some retweets.

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