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When Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate Race in December, he owed his victory to the Black community, especially Black women. Over the past couple months, Jones has made some questionable decisions, like siding with the GOP on a government shut down and disregarding Trump’s sexual assault allegations. Now, Jones has screwed up again — he wants Democrats to be nicer to the NRA.

Last week, Jones said on a Senate floor speech, “You can’t simply demonize the NRA and pro-gun groups.”  On This Week,  George Stephanopoulos asked him what the Democrats message should be on guns, he replied with,  “The fact of the matter is, in order to legislate, in order to do things and get things done, you’ve got to put some of the far-right, the far-left rhetoric aside. The fact is that the NRA does represent a lot of millions of Americans who are concerned about that infringement on their Second Amendment.” He continued, “At the same time, those Parkland students and the other millions of kids around the country also represent a point of view that we have to do something, not just about school safety, but about gun violence and trying to stem the tide of gun deaths in this country.”

It’s incredible that Jones has so much sympathy for the NRA, when the NRA had no sympathy for Philando Castile, when the NRA disrespects survivors of mass shootings, or when the NRA only mentions Black people for ridiculous talking points. The NRA is a tax-free political organization that gave Trump 30 million dollars. This hateful organization, that wants weapons of war to be legal, only cares about their agenda and will not budge when it comes to arming certain groups of Americans. Doug Jones needs to remember who elected him.


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