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Paris Dennard struggles with sane conversation. Whether it’s Keith Boykin or A.Scott Bolden, if anyone questions one iota of his loyalty for Trump, his blood pressure skyrockets. The CNN commentator got especially irate when Tara Setmayer, who is also a Republican but not a Trump supporter, shut down our president’s dangerous rhetoric.

Trump is reportedly considering the death penalty for drug dealers after being inspired by how countries like China and the Philippines handle drug offenses. Setmayer said, “This is a terrible idea. The fact that the president of the United States would even entertain the examples of a totalitarian country like China or the Philippines, where their president is engaged in extra-judicial killings, as something that we should consider here in the U.S.”

She continued, “It just gives you an insight into where his mind is and this adulation for strongmen, which should concern every American. I figure I’m not alone. When I watched that rally last night, my stomach was in knots. There were so many things that this president did during that rally that were stomach turning for me as an American watching these democratic norms and ideals and where common decency is no longer currency anymore, no longer something to be expected of the president of the United States.”

Dennard’s lid nearly flipped as he shouted just a few minutes into the conversation, “He won the Electoral College vote and he’s the president! Get over it! He won! That’s how we work!”

Unbothered and unbossed, Setmayer responded with, “This kind of petulant, ‘Get over it, he won, oh my gosh. That attitude right there is why so many people feel that what Donald Trump has created in this country is bigger than just, ‘Oh, he won and you didn’t so get over it.’ It’s nothing to do with that.” Well said, Tara.

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