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Oscar winning actress Mo’Nique is mad at Netflix, and she wants you to boycott them. Here’s why:

“I was offered a $500,000 deal last week to do a comedy special [with Netflix],” she explains. “However, Amy Schumer was offered $11 million, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, $20 million. Then Amy Schumer went back and renegotiated 2 more million dollars because she said ‘I shouldn’t get what the men are getting, they’re legends, however I should get more,’ and Netflix agreed.”

But when she asked for more money, she says Netflix wasn’t as generous.

“When we asked Netflix to explain the difference, why the money was so different, they said ‘we believe that’s what Mo’Nique will bring.’ We said, ‘Well, what about my résumé?’ They said, ‘We don’t go off of résumés.’ Then we asked them what was it about Amy Schumer and they said, ‘Well, she sold out Madison Square Garden twice and she had a big movie over the summer.’ Is that not Amy Schumer’s résumé? And then Netflix said, ‘By the way, we believe Mo’Nique is a legend too.’ Why shouldn’t I get what the legends are getting? Please stand with me in this boycott of Netflix. I love us for real.”

Now I’m no fan of Amy Schumer, but selling out MSG TWICE has gotta count for something. And while Mo did win an Oscar in 2010 for Precious, she hasn’t really been heard from since. She went 6 years between movies, and maybe that was to focus on her stand-up, maybe not, but I don’t know if this boycott is going to work out for her. I’d love to see her reclaim her place among elite performers, but this might not be the way to go about it. I wish her luck.

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