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It’s time to pack away the winter wardrobe and swap it out for our new spring things!  This year; why not try a little Spring Cleaning for the Soul?  Yes, that’s right; spring gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate the soul.  Here are a few things to think about:

  • Unplug – Take a day or two away from social media and give yourself sometime to regroup. Nothing wrong with “Keeping up with the Joneses” but if your last name is “Johnson,” this could be a problem.  Being plugged into someone else’s day all day can take away time from you.  Pull the plug and take some time to think about you.
  • Evaluate – Think about the people in and around you that are bringing positive energy and support into your life. Reconnect with them and surge your support. For the couple of naysayers who are bringing you down, it may be time to pack those things away.
  • Forgive – This seems to come up a lot with self-help, self-improvement… the Bible? Forgive anyone (including yourself) if you are holding on to something from the past or have resentment towards.  Holding on to things can only hold you down.  Let it go!
  • Eat & Sleep – Make a conscious effort to eat right and exercise. This should be done at your own pace, but must include seven to eight hours of sleep.  Seems difficult? Nope! I told you to get rid of the negativity above at #2. :)
  • Spirit – Whether you meditate, pray or both. Take some time to center yourself.  With the hustle and bustle of our hectic schedule we don’t have time to step away for a few minutes.  10-15 minutes a day should help get you started.

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